Screw Fun, Time just flies

hmm it’s been a while hasn’t it… I’m almost as bad as this guy.

Well what’s new in almost a year???
well it just so happens I’m doing data entry again, but this time it will be cooler, faster, and since i’m no longer the new guy not entirely up to me… we’ve go new people to do that.

Speaking of new people my homies are starting to take over…
There’s Shane,
and it looks like we might be hiring another of my former chums from the bitcave (Robin– he’s a tv celebrity– watch for his reality show about being a WWII bomber pilot).

Other news?
I won’t be doing anything until July 4th (We launch the current project then)
I’ve done 3 models for scorched (Hoth gun, Halo Tank, Bofor Gun) I’ve just got to texture them.
Parents have bought a house in P.E.I but the deal to sell the one in Brandon fell through… gotta be tough having just retired, and then starting a morgage 🙁
Need a right handle bar for my VFR750 (1990) and I need to get it so I can relieve some stress and plan a bike trip to visit some relatives in the U.S. during my all to brief vacation this year.

Well I’ll be back at it again tommorow so I’d better sign off for now…

Oh and before tommorow rolls around I saw a preview of Batman Begins on tuesday.. verdict: Very Good