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So thought I’d post about tv, since some of my favorites are starting up again…..
but this article decends into tv history…. beware.

So thought I’d post about tv, since some of my favorites are starting up again.

Battlestar Galactica:
Damn those guys know how to write a season opener… after a cliff hanger of a season ender (on sci-fi’s stupid half seasons)
the writters leave you just salivating at what will happen next… Let alone the CG on the series is better than alot of movies these days.

Stargate SG-1:
The first half of the season (With Claudia Black) was a hell of a lot better, but Ben Browder seems to be holding his own. The Farscape alumni were a lot of fun to watch, and the appearance of Winona as a prop in one of the eps had me laughing. But the Orii story line doesn’t hold me as well as the older eps do. and without Claudia the eps are alot duller.

Stargate Atlantis:
Don’t know why but alot of the new eps have me snoozing as well… :(, it also doesn’t help that i’m watching a full 10 eps ahead of what’s being broadcast here since I’m getting the european feed, and the movie channel feed from bittorrent sites online.

Dr. Who:
The Doc’s been M.I.A since Sept, but I downloaded the “Chirstmass Invasion” and it was really good. Brief mentions of the the Torch Wood series (an anagram for Doctor Who), as well as the new doc. The best part was the comming this season part at the end of the special: K-9, Cyber Men, etc…. Now I haven’t really been a fan of Doctor Who before this past season, but i’m well and truely hooked now. And it helps that one of the guys in the office (Kelly) knows about every ep, every book, and every part of the mythos. He’s been a really big help in understanding it all, but damn he needs a better pic for his MSN account and MySpace account!

I often miss this (it’s on friday night) but most of the eps I catch I enjoy. But damn does the main character manage to mimic the manerisms of hard core Math PhD’s I’ve known.

And latest to add to the pile:

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Now for years I’ve been circling the Anime Crowd…. I love some of the art work and the authors are often willing to challenge standards that animation has been missing here. But I’ve never been hardcore into it. I’m a fan of megatokyo but have been less and less interested in it since Rodney left and took most of the funny with him, but the art is still cool. Also there’s been a change in animation (TV) here in North America in the last 20 years. Getting up and watching Saturday cartoons hasn’t been my thing in quite a while, but not too long ago I caught an article mentioning how the networks aren’t really running saturday cartoons anymore. Yeah, the bugs bunny and tweety show is still on, but there isn’t much new content from when I was a kid, and the cartoon window that used to be saturday morning from 8am to 12 is now an hour or two max.

Now I’d kinda noticed that through the years as well. YTV used to have really interesting shows on late at night and I think this shows how cartoons are now and adult thing. Rocko’s Modern Life Caught me in this snare, and led me to stay up late to watch other great programs like the MTV duo of The Maxx and Aeon Flux (the tv show not the movie) an extenstinal hour of Animation and a really good gateway drug to some anime. There were others in there that I can’t remember (alot of aussie shows though… I remember that, oh and I can’t forget to mention the angry beavers)

Oh and before I forget the guys who did Rocko’s modern life, stopped and then started something new… it’s called SpongeBob.

Then Genndy Tartakovsky hit the scene.
Channel surfing one day I came across The Power Puff Girls and it became a guilty pleasure of mine…. Then I started to catch episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory (I still have to laugh at “Dial M for Monkey” and his apperances as cameo’s in all of Grenndy’s other works.. (I think I even saw him in the clone war’s shorts).

But then we get to the whole point of my long rambling with Samauri Jack. This show wasn’t for childern, though you could be confused by the style. Watch any episode and you’ll see how it was inspired by a slew of high brow, japanese samauri flicks… (the type Quintin Terentino is allways going on about) From the 7 Samauri, to the Blind Swordsman. There are stretchs of in certain episodes where there’s maybe 10 words of dialogue. There’s even been talk of Samauri Jack Movies (1 live action, 1 animation). Lately Grennedy’s lost some of his edge (working with lucas can do that to ya) in the clone wars shorts. And I dred the Astro Boy listed in IMDB for him…. the latest anime version of that was horrible.

so the point of all that???? Animation is no longer for kids.
for further proof watch any episode of South Park from this season… it’s been great- but hard to find here on Canadian networks

Oh and my other point? Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is good, very very very good. I just wish it was at a better time (2am local on YTV? ouch!)