Me, the pot head.

Here’s my attempt at a defective yeti type post:

So I get on the elevator in my building the other day and there’s a man in his late 40’s standing there with an older lady who looks as if she could be his mother- taking her out for sunday dinner with the family?. (at least that’s the impression I got, after seeing the same type of thing between my dad and my grandmother when she was alive… that plus half my building is seniors, and the other have seems to be asian students…)

She’s sniffing the air and says:

Old Woman: Do you smell that.. sheesh it stinks.

Me: yeah I smell something.
(a: it’s not that strong…. b: it isn’t that bad)
Old Woman: Do you know what it is? Is it mar-a-gou-wana? (while looking directly at me, as if she expects me to pull out a blunt or something)

Me: No… (sniff)…

Son (looking kinda sheepish): no it’s not marijuana.

The old woman continues making faces and sniffing the air…

Old Woman: what is it then?

Son: it smells more like soap.

Me: Yeah, it’s kinda minty… like toothpaste.

Son: Yeah, that’s it.

Old Woman: PEEE YOOU… I’m never using that toothpaste.