Saturday, and endings…

So saturday was nice… but some how I didn’t feel that way.

Friday night I went bowling with the gang from smartpark… it was alright.

Went to bed, and read a book… didn’t realize it was 5 till I finished the book :(…
the book was the end of a series and just left me feeling down.

Slept in… then I watched the end of Farscape again (I’d worked my way through all of it)… again felt down after it was done… Had dinner, then wathed the last of the 3 matrix movies… again it left me feeling down. (Watching a lot of movies lately since I don’t have tv…. it also means I get stuff done)
In general I think the end of anything really gets me down… I read once that a good story teller leaves the audience wanting more, and that’s true. One of the best examples of this was the movie Donnie Darko… it was amazing to watch and left you wondering kinda what happened. It was great fun to postulate about…. then I went to the movies website and found out all the details that are deliberately left blank and it left me feeling empty since a lot of the mystery was gone.

Watched the firefly dvd’s again (more down since it was canceled… 🙁 )this week but with the commentaries on instead. Joss Wheadon said something interesting about how he filmed one of the scenes. In it we just see the punchline to a joke or funny story, that makes no sense by it’s self. He said this was deliberate, because no matter how funny the joke or story actually was, we’d always think it was funnier than it really was since we’re left wondering.

Maybe I’m just wondering about the end of some other things….. but that’s another post.