So Imaginets is Hiring

Just a note to anyone who reads my blog…. Imaginets is hiring people.

So send us your resume to the link on the imaginets website, or you can send them to me and I’ll forward them on….

cams at imaginets dot com

or my personal email of camboprime at gmail

It’s not that bad to work with me…. I don’t smell that bad, and I only get really irrational after working 16 hour days for 6 weeks…. Up until week 5 you’re alright 😉

Honestly this is one of the best places i’ve ever worked. Different. But good!

Fireworks IV

IMG_2967, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

Love the color in this one.

Fireworks III

IMG_2981, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

This is one of the more blury pictures I was talking about.


IMG_3003, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

Happy Canada Day!

One of my goals when buying a DSLR was to get shots of Lightning, Fireworks, and Star trails. I’ve now completed 2 of the 3.

Unfortunatly I discovered I need more practice photographing fireworks, but it’s kinda hard to do since the big shows are kinda rare.

I took 140 pictures during the 10 min show, but bumped the focus half way though by accident, and as such a lot of my better pictures (After I adjusted the exposure and aperature for the brightness of the fireworks) come out blurry. They look good minimized or marginal at the size they show on my blog, but full size they’re pretty blurry.

Now to trek out on a clear night and get a good long exposure picture of the stars!