Lightning, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

(Full view to see any detail… and it’s a raw photo… no photoshop magic to make it look good)

Come spring and I’m taking pictures again… I took this last night during the first thunderstorm of the season. It’s my first picture of lightning.

Yes it’s blurry, (I took it off my balcony, cushioned by a towel) I’d left my tripod in the car.

I bought a ~$1000 camera because I loved night photography and this is one of the first pictures that justify it. (Other things on my photography todo list: star treks (~3 hour exposures where you can see the stars rotating around the Polaris), and Fireworks. Then I can justify spending another grand on that 400mm IS canon lens I’ve been lusting over.

By prairie standards this wasn’t that impressive of a thunderstorm (wait till august… if we’re not in a drought) but for an impromptu thing I think it turned out pretty well. I also missed most of the light show, figuring out exposure/mirror lockup/focusing issues. Hopefully I’ll get some good ones later in the season.

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