Day late and Dollar Short

So firefox 3 beta 5 was released today, supposedly the last beta, and it only scores 71/100 on Acid 3.  Granted now isn’t probably the time to add new features to the final release, but the Acid tests are starting to draw more and more attention.

The thing is that firefox 3 also doesn’t work with many plugins/extensions.  I’ve come to depend on the Web developer toolbarGoogle Gears, though not a requirement, is something I used with gmail/Google reader, and now seem like it could really be useful with Google docs.  And don’t even get me started on how Silverlight is listed as a valid plugin in the plugins list in Firefox 3, but doesn’t work (it constantly prompts you to install the already installed plugin).

We’ll just have to hope someone get’s busy before June.

(PS. Yes I know these are the perils of Beta products, and the responsibility for these issues rests with the plugin/extension developers but with the coming of web 2.0, beta == functional  — I avoided the alphas for this very reason.  If the G*d damned adobe craptastic plugin still works why can’t yours?)