Clouds, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

More stormy weather pics….

Quick snapshot of the clouds and sunset from the Wallmart parking lot.

Slightly tweaked in Photoshop so you can see the trees.

Stormy Sunset

Stormy Sunset, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

Photography is quickly becoming more than a hobby…. it’s delving into obsession territory…

But I don’t think I’ll need an intervention until I buy the 400mm IS Lens I’ve been lusting over.

Anyways, we’ve had a solid week of rain. I took this at sunset during a lull in the weather.

Photography hazards…

So I was just out on my balcony trying to get another lightning shot (with no success ) when I hear sizzle-snap-BANG!!!!

Lets just say that I don’t think my hearing tomorrow will be as good as it was yesterday.

(I think the building across the way got hit by lightning, but I was looking at the camera, not up…)


Spring kinda surprised me this year. (I was also in my post firing slump, locked away in my way too expensive apartment… so it’s not much of a surprise). I feel I’m kinda justified in my surprise as well… in one week it went from -20 to +20 degrees C.

It just so happened that it also happened at a time that I was asked back to Brandon for a job interview. Being the sucker I am, and always wanting to photograph a few spots on the Trans-Canada highway between Brandon and Winnipeg (a commute I’ve done way to many times in my life) I lugged my camera out to the interview hoping that maybe I’d have time to stop at a few of these points I’ve always wanted to try landscape photography at and take some pics. This is the result.

Spring, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

I’d forgotten about the white balance so the first half of my memory card were filled with very blue-ish pictures, but after about 20 shots I remembered (but I’d forgotten my tripod). A little photoshopery later (to balance out the sky/ground and contrast/colour- it really did look this good in real life).

I may not be a great photographer, but occasionally I luck out (and having an insanely expensive camera -by my standards- helps).

Unfortunately the other spots I wanted to try to photograph were more difficult to access/park (especially on the busiest highway in the province) and the weather was fairly miserable. I’ll have to do some more planning to get those shots.

I also want to take more photos from this exact spot to highlight how different it looks in the different seasons.

I showed this picture to a few friends, and they knew exactly where it was, and one of them mentioned that he’d always wanted to photograph it as well… It’s one of those spots that lances though you when you’re speeding along in your car at 120 kph. I hope when I get around to photographing those other points that they turn out just as good as this one


Lightning, originally uploaded by cambo_prime.

(Full view to see any detail… and it’s a raw photo… no photoshop magic to make it look good)

Come spring and I’m taking pictures again… I took this last night during the first thunderstorm of the season. It’s my first picture of lightning.

Yes it’s blurry, (I took it off my balcony, cushioned by a towel) I’d left my tripod in the car.

I bought a ~$1000 camera because I loved night photography and this is one of the first pictures that justify it. (Other things on my photography todo list: star treks (~3 hour exposures where you can see the stars rotating around the Polaris), and Fireworks. Then I can justify spending another grand on that 400mm IS canon lens I’ve been lusting over.

By prairie standards this wasn’t that impressive of a thunderstorm (wait till august… if we’re not in a drought) but for an impromptu thing I think it turned out pretty well. I also missed most of the light show, figuring out exposure/mirror lockup/focusing issues. Hopefully I’ll get some good ones later in the season.


So we did launch Mitsubishi Config on April 3rd… and it was cool.

Shane talked about it at the time… me I kept my one post per month or longer routine….

Little did we know that Mitsubishi had a small surprise for us…. a link from… traffic was running 10 times higher than we were expecting… it was fun to watch the quote’s pile up at 1000 an hour.

also took some interesting photo’s last nite in the fog.