So… obviously I updated Word Press here on my blog (I hadn’t done it in quite a while) and so my template is slighlty screwed currently (As well as the white space in my previous entries).

Work related stuff has slacked off slightly, since we’ve launched the 2006 model year for volvo, but don’t worry more stuff is coming down the pipe line…. (stuff that didn’t quite make the update deadline)

Mom got her foot operated on… (while CONSIOUS!!!) she asked the anestesiologist to hold up her head to she could see them screwing the metal plate into her foot!!! (she did have an epidural… but still!!!)… It shouldn’t suprise me, Pops did the same thing when they cut his hand open to remove bone spurs…. “Ohhhh there’s the tendon…. neat!” *cringe* that’s what happens when you spend your professional careers training nurses and doing human A+P classes (Anatomy and Physiology… the class with the cadavers, but that’s another story for another time)

Also I’ve gotten the Honda VFR 750 up and running again. I haven’t registered it but did get a few rides in this past week end.

    Tally so far:

  • Handle bar: $150
  • Starter Relay: $80
  • Fluids: $50
  • Battery: $100
  • Jacket (on order): ~$300 (Waiting for the exchange rate and shipping to figure out what exactly the final damage is)
  • Total: = $680

    Still to do:

  • New Brake lever: ~$50
  • Re upholster seat: ???
  • Fiberglass and Paint: ???

Thats without registering it yet…., but I have to get it running. I’m planning to go for a LOOONNNGGG bike trip for my vacation at the end of August.

I think that’s every thing for now…

    Oh wait there’s my software plans….

  • Scorched Model DB page… (so I don’t have to worry about them on my HD any more)
  • Blue birds web page.
  • OpenGL stuff
  • TV Guide type project

Edit: ARG… Word press isn’t recognizing the whitespace in my posts like it used to 🙁